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Ramson Badbonez + 184 – Dutty MC Remix = Free Download


Free Download here: http://bit.ly/QEMeMy
BUY LP Physical: http://bit.ly/J3KmE iTunes: http://bit.ly/OUbwHV Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/PzI1re
As a follow up to the release of the "Bad Influence" LP, Boot is pleased to offer this further slice of Badbonez for free to you good people. 
This is a drum and bass inspired remix by the original producer – 184 of King Kong Holding Company. 

Addendum to Bad Influence Credits

Our Bad.

In our overzealousness to get the 'Bad Influence' CDs pressed, alas we made a couple of errors on the credits.

Big up to Joe Spitz for pointing this out.

Joe did additional vocals on track 11 'My Shit' NOT track 10 'This Street Life' as it says in the CD inlay.

Also Balance is credited as doing additional vocals on track 9 'Food Glorious Food'. This should in fact be track 10 'This Street Life'.