Joker Starr


Slough resident Kebbie Conteh aka Joker Starr brings two essential ingredients to the musical mix – energy and personality. He certainly possesses boundless amounts of both!

His parents (hailing from Sierra Leone) brought him up on Calypso, Soul and Jazz and it wasn’t until 1998 that Joker Starr discovered an interest in Hip Hop. His interest soon developed into a passion as Kebbie began to pursue his own ambitions as an MC.

The nickname ‘Joker’ came from a cousin as a result of Kebbies relentless clowning around and irrepressible sense of humour. It also speaks in no uncertain terms of his musical style. He effortlessly references past and present pop 

culture turning everyday icons on their heads with a ‘no holds barred’ approach to rhyming. Along with the trademark humour, Joker Starr’s music is often very concept driven. The conscious themes are not always obvious, in  fact they often surprise, emerging out of lyrics that appear to operate on a certain level but then with a deft twist are revealed to go much deeper. He refers to himself as a lyricist, having not fully comprehended the depth of Hip Hop until he began to articulate his own ideas and experiences. A great believer in the importance of individuality, he stopped listening to Hip Hop while searching for his style determined to stay true to himself and not lose his voice in the multitude of existing voices.

JOKER STARR – SHOTTAS Official video Joker Starr returns as Billy Bang Banger in the follow up to the classic “Lost tribe of the leng” with “Shottas”.The single from the Boot concept EP “Billy Bang …





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