Blade is back on Boot Records with “Dark Friends”

Blade is back on Boot Records with “Dark Friends”

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Lyrics Written & Performed by: Blade
Produced by: The Manos
Recorded @: The Lion’s Den
Mastered by: N/A
Recorded: 2003

The legendary Blade is back on vinyl with this limited edition 7″ and digital release from Boot Records! These are 2 killer tracks from the archives, “Dark Friends” and “Make it Connect”, both with cuts from Boots Jazz T. The cover art is by Stilts cementing this as a record not to be missed! Release date 6th September 2019

Blade had met a couple of young guys whilst selling his records on the streets around 1991 and kept in touch on a regular basis as they both had a love for the creative side of music making. At this time the guys were just fans of Blade‘s music but one day turned up at Blade‘s flat to produce a beat with Blade‘s help and ever since then have been good friends and later went on to be called THE MANOS

12 years later and with the release of Blade’s “STORMS ARE BREWING” album, his distribution company had declared bankruptcy and left him on the verge of losing his house. Not being able to provide for his family, he called up on his close friends THE MANOS to produce a couple tracks while he focussed more on just writing and performing the lyrics while doing what he needed to do to make sure the bills were paid and his house saved from repossession

The first helping of their production skills was showcased on Blade‘s “SOLDIERS” track which also featured LIFE MC & RESPEK BA. “SOLDIERS” was officially released in 2003 and around the same time Blade & THE MANOS hit the studio again and recorded “DARK FRIENDS

Due to constant unexpected and sudden unpredictable changes in Blade‘s personal life, “DARK FRIENDS” never got to see an official release and was shelved as an incomplete demo until years later when it saw an underground release on “BOOT RECORDS“. At this point the track was still missing the scratching and now again almost 10 years later and with Blade’s very close friendship with DJ JAZZ T and with the addition of the scratching by the one and same, “DARK FRIENDS” now complete with sharp and to the point cutting finally sees the light of day.

Blade retired in 2006 and has been off the radar since until December 2018 when he became a little more active on Facebook and has reconnected with a lot of the fans and friends, with which obvious conversations about unreleased material was bound to surface and as a result “DARK FRIENDS” now is finally released on a limited edition 7″ vinyl


Lyrics Written & Performed by: Blade
Produced by: Blade
Recorded @: The Lion’s Den
Mastered by: N/A
Recorded: 1997

MAKE IT CONNECT” is one of those rare demos that Blade just threw together in about an hour to pass time and over the years turned out to be one of his favourite tracks, but at the time being completely broke and homeless, living in the basement of a local equipment store in New Cross, releasing this was simply not possible. This track has been sat on a cassette tape for over 20 years and having been played over and over again the quality has completely worn down. Unfortunately the version on the cassette tape was the only version available so separating the channels to get a proper mix is not possible either

However, thanks again to DJ JAZZ T that only made it more interesting to make something of this gem of a track. Blade having been retired now for 13 years, it would only really take one of two things to see Blade on tracks again for public consumption

  1. His respect for the person he’s working with
  2. If the track moves Blade in a different way to the norm




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